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Wednesday Night Trivia at Holly and Dolly’s! Casselberry, Holly’s and Dolly’s, trivia, beer, bartabs, dart boards, pool tables…sounds like your Wednesday Night. That’s cause it is! Ha, see what I did there…I told you about the things. You’re judging me. Fine, I don’t care, see if I give you the categories. Aww, I can’t stay mad at you. There will be free trivia tonight at Hollys as always. 5 new rounds for your excitement and we will be honoring one of the film greats Harold Ramis. Bring your trivia/useless knowledge tonight people. It’s gonna be a fun one.

Here are your categories:

Harold Ramis

terrible movie


Cult Classic Films



Norse Mythology






Tonight Show Facts



Bonus info will be dropped via the interwebs. Facebook/Twitter of the Tasty Trivia variety. 


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