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Take your time. This could mean slow down; Breathe more; Do something that you enjoy doing; Put yourself first for once. Taking time for yourself is very healthy. It can often act as a reset button on your emotional, mental, and physical status.

For some, taking time for themselves is a foreign concept so let’s help those people out a bit… Some ideas great and small that can help ‘reset’ your ownself.

  • Fishing – It’s peaceful and quiet. It requires you to sit still (usually), puts you outside in nature. You can do this at a lake, a pond, a beach shore into the ocean, or out on a boat. Lots of options living here in Florida.
    • Mentally – You can push thoughts away and focus on nature or you can be alone with your thoughts, solely focus on them. Take in the sun, the wind, the breeze, the smells. Focus on something other than the mental chaos!
    • Emotionally – Typically fishing is done solo or at least a good distance away from others. This allows you the opportunity to scream, cry, shout, laugh – do whatever you need to do to release that emotional stress
    • Physically – When you’re stressed you hold it within your body, your muscles. When you do something you enjoy, your body naturally relaxes. You release the tensions that you maybe didn’t realize you had. You can sit or stand however you like. You’re not confined to one position for 8 hours!
  • Yoga – This may seem odd but yoga is centered around stretching and meditation. Meditation itself is the practice of quieting your minds eye – your third eye – and teaches you to focus on breathe, stillness, being in the moment, not just allowing each moment to pass you by.
    • Mentally – Yoga and Meditation practice quieting your thoughts. You are literally told to meet a thought, acknowledge it and push it away. Don’t spend time thinking about it, just receive it and let it go! Its a great way to quiet all those voices of your to-do list, at least for an hour!
    • Emotionally – Depending on the yoga & meditation practice you can take the time to actually feel emotions. Sometimes you’ll feel an emotion in your body based off of a sound you hear, or by quieting your mind you seek a deeper understanding of how something feels.
    • Physically – Yoga is a great practice for stretching and just getting movement back into your body! You don’t have to run 30 minutes to get a good cardio work out in. You can benefit greatly by the small slow or swift movements of yoga! Even at the end of the practice when you focus on meditation, laying down, being still, is very beneficial to your body’s recovery.
  • Friends – Yes! Hanging with your friends is very much good for your soul! Surrounding yourself with people with like interests, that you share some common bond with is very healthy. Even better is to do an activity as a group or with one or two friends. What better activity is there than going to trivia?!
    • Mentally – Hanging with friends at Trivia stimulates your mind! It gets those neurons buzzing. Shooting off signals to all parts of your brain. You maybe even get to use parts of your brain that you don’t normally on a day-to-day basis!
    • Emotionally – Its a great uprising of happiness. Endorphins (yes, thats more mental but still) get pulsing through your brain which makes you feel happy, positive, maybe even a little silly. This is a naturally induced stress reliever. So you go be happy and know stuff!
    • Physically – Being happy causes you to laugh. Laughing uses muscles in your face, your chest, your abdominals, your back, sometimes your arms if you have to catch yourself from falling off a chair! (Hey! It happens to the best of us!) Embracing your friends in a hug or a chest bump also increases that physical benefit. And that’s as far as we’re taking that!

So obviously, the easiest (& cheapest) way to take time for yourself is to hang out with friends. If you happen to do that while playing trivia you’ll benefit more from it!! ūüôā And we recommend that, for your health, of course!!! Plus tonight’s trivia is all about FRIENDS!!!






Graffiti Junktion Lake Nona at 7 PM¬†Friends Trivia–¬†Text “tastytips” to #69696 for a free hint!

Market on Magnolia at 7 PM Saved by the Bell Trivia!

District Eat & Play Oviedo at 7 PM 

Spill in Winter Springs at 7PM Friends Trivia!

Bowigens Beer Company in Casselberry at 7:30 PM¬†Friends Trivia! —¬†Text “TastyClues” to #69696 for a free hint!

Graffiti Junktion Longwood at 8 PM¬†¬†Friends Trivia —¬†Text “tastyhints” to #69696 for a free hint!

Crafted Block & Brew in MetroWest at 8 PM Friends Trivia

For Bowigens: text the location code ‘TastyClues’ to the short number 69696!

For Graffiti Junktion Lake Nona: text the location code ‘tastytips’ to the short number 69696!

For Graffiti Junktion Longwood: text the location code ‘tastyhints’ to the short number 69696!

**Join the VIP list. Each location has a special code to text in. Text the location code to the short number & you’ll get a hint texted back to you! Please note, text message rates apply. Ask your host for the special location code!!!**


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