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About Tasty Trivia

Tasty Trivia is the absolute pinnacle of Orlando trivia entertainment.

Our History!

Since its inception in 2011, Tasty Trivia has been sweeping through Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Casselberry, and many other parts of Orlando, dropping trivia knowledge on willing (and sometimes unwilling) participants. It isn’t mathematically possible to have a better time at a bar or restaurant with your clothes on. We’ve checked.

Why Tasty Trivia?

Our events feature prizes the likes of which challenge the boundaries of your imagination. These prizes are amazing DVD movies, free food, free drinks, bartabs, T-shirts, and even cash money. Attending a Tasty Trivia event could make you a millionaire*!!!

*Actual results may vary

The key to having fun at a trivia event is knowing the secret formula for awesomeness. We know this secret. Others do not. Tasty Trivia = Keepers of the secret.

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Our Trivia Team

Some familiar faces to keep your eyes out for.


Sam Trivia Host

Sam Weitzner has been a trivia enthusiast since he first began correcting his 3rd grade teacher on American History facts. Now a teacher himself (his day job), he inflicts the same kind of useless knowledge unto the masses of our nation’s youth… and to you, the trivia player! His hobbies (and favorite categories) include music, movies, cooking, nature, comic books/sci-fi, and dogs.


Meaghan Trivia Host

A true local of the Orlando area, born and raised in the state where being crazy is about as common as it being humid, Meaghan managed to have a normal-ish life. She’s the oldest of 3 sisters and an avid dance enthusiast, especially when tequila is involved. She’s been at Tasty Trivia for about 2 years now, and is due to graduate UCF later this year and pursue her dream of becoming an event planner. Meaghan has knowledge on many different subjects and a wide musical taste, ask her about stuff, she knows stuff.


Pat Trivia Host

Pat was born in the small town of Cape May, NJ. During his high school years he played about every sport possible and surprised everyone by graduating in just 4 years! Now ironically enough he hosts trivia which is the entertainment industries version of taking a quiz nightly. He once majored in film at Full Sail University and will be going back to school later this year. He knows about some things and most stuff, feel free to ask questions. They will be answered with a smirk and sarcasm, followed promptly by the truth.


Kelly Trivia Host

Swing dancing, singing awful karaoke, her Boston terrier pups, collecting antique books and vinyl are Kelly’s passions outside of her love for trivia. She played with Tasty Trivia for 2 years before becoming a host and is full of cheesy jokes at each show she hosts!


Bryce Trivia Host

Financial Analyst by day awesome trivia host by night! My wife and I have lived in Orlando for four years and excited to call this home! We are the proud parents of a black lab uniquely named Buddy. Our favorite things to do are going to local breweries, theme parks, and trying different restaurants with friends. Strongest trivia topics are math, history, and science. I look forward to hosting every week and meeting new people at different venues!


Tony Trivia Host

DJ T-Sap aka Tha TRAVLR, is a DJ/Radio Personality/Host from Utica, NY. A very diverse DJ who spins hip-hop and dance music. With diverse and catchy sets, he can keep you guessing and make you move the whole night. Over 10 years of experience under his belt, a World Touring DJ who has spun in over 40 countries and major cities across the US, you won’t find a more qualified, dignified or electrified person to throw down the music for your special event.


Katelyn Trivia Host

Katelyn is an actor and improviser. She is proud of her Scottish heritage and may or may not be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.


Chase Trivia Host

Was born in Longwood!! Grew up riding bikes, dirt bikes and doing anything outside. I now love to play pool, and go fishing. I work two jobs and am going to school for finance! Also love meeting people!!